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Carvi [userpic]
New Here:)
by Carvi (carviangli)
at April 11th, 2008 (10:34 pm)

Name: Carvi
Age: 16
Location: Melbourne
Eating Disorder: Bulimia
A little history on your ED: I've been bulimic for a little over a year. I've always had low self-esteem and I was quite stressed out/angry/hurt/depressed when I turned 13 and started cutting. I stopped around my fifteenth birthday but then, unfortunately, I had some issues at home and that sort of triggered my bulimia and disordered eating.
Why is recovery important to you? I'm not even sure if I'm ready for recovery, to be quite honest. I certainly want to be at a point in my life when I've recovered my sense of self-worth and self-esteem. The only thing keeping me from full recovery is that I'm in my final years of school and do not think that I could devote myself COMPLETELY to recovery. I'm more hoping that I can cut back/slowly stop my disordered eating and maybe when I'm in uni and able to commit to recovery I can. Sorry for the long rant :D
What are your health goals for the future? Become vegetarian and try to regularly exercise.
List at least three things that makes YOU amazing: My smile-it's unique. My strong will/persistance and my bubbly personality(according to my friends:P:P)
Anything else? It's nice to meet everyone!

Loz [userpic]
by Loz (charlichic)
at November 3rd, 2007 (02:37 pm)

Hey everyone,

It's been a while,. and I was just wondering how you all are.

So hows life treating you all?

Luv Loz xoxo

by rachel. (almost_home)
at October 3rd, 2007 (08:34 am)

Name: Rachel
Age: 18
Location: Sydney
Eating Disorder: Bulimia, & in recovery
A little history on your ED: It's been about four-ish years, though I'm spent the majority of this year in and out of hospital and in recovery.
Why is recovery important to you? More & more, I realise how much I really do want to live a life worth living, rather than this narrow track of an eating disorder. Instead of putting one small foot in front of the other, constantly in the same direction, toward a horizon that you'll never reach - I want to live in the real world. &, in doing so, I hope that this will give me the oppotunity to find myself, and even, get to know myself (& be okay with whoever she is).
What are your health goals for the future? Find a comfortable, normal eating pattern. Become free of irrational food thoughts & fears. Let food become a natural part of life, rather than a constant thought. Develop a happy, healthy body and in return, a healthy and content mind.
List at least three things that makes YOU amazing: I have gorgeous pink pjs with hearts on them that I'm wearing right now, I believe in the power of choice & I took a blind leap of faith.

Loz [userpic]
Recovery Journals
by Loz (charlichic)
at September 27th, 2007 (10:40 pm)

current location: Bedroom
current mood: exhausted
current song: Coppelia ballet music

Hey all!

I've been having a very hard time lately, so I've decided to make a 'recovery journal', to remind me why Im trying to become healthy and to help me beat the 'voice'. I was just wondering if any one else had one? And if so, what sort of things do you put in them? Does anyone have any helpful quotes or facts etc that I could use?

Also, I was wondering if there was anyone else trying to recover by themselves, without family or friends knowing, and without any doctorial help. Im finding it hard, and was just wondering if it is actually possible to recover without outside help.

Thank you in advance, and I hope you have a great day!

Luv Loz xoxo

by Noor (sleepingstar44)
at September 10th, 2007 (04:56 pm)

Hey guys,

A challenge for you all :)

Last week, I had a really really bad day on Wednesday. So, that night, I got a purple permanent marker (I'm obsessed with the colour, you'll learn this soon enough), and wrote across my palm in big thick letters, 'TRUST'.

The next day, I woke up still feeling bad physically and mentally from the night before, but when I looked at my hand, it reminded me. To trust myself, to trust my recovery, to trust my body to do what it should, to trust all those around me trying to hold me in the right direction, and to trust every downfall to contribute to getting me where I need to be.

Whenever I needed the reminder that day, all I had to do was look at my hand, and suddenly the day before could have been weeks before for all I knew. I made it through the day, and have been going strong since.

So next time you have a bad day, grab your favourite coloured marker,  and write TRUST across your hand.

And, simply, just TRUST. That's my challenge.

xoxo SleepingStar 

Hello all!
by Noor (sleepingstar44)
at September 10th, 2007 (04:36 pm)

Name: Noor
Age: 19
Location: Sydney
Eating Disorder: A bit of everything right now, I've been in recovery for about 6 months now and as I get further into it, a bit of every type resurfaces itself every now and then.
A little history on your ED: Started in year 10 (now second year uni), been through just about every part of the spectrum at some point
Why is recovery important to you? I want to learn to see myself differently and respect myself and my body a bit more; appreciate who I am, live the life I'm missing out on, and one day help others achieve the same. That, and I have too much ahead of me to turn back now.
What are your health goals for the future? Allow my body to return to its set natural weight, learn to exercise more healthily and take a rest when I need it, and reconcile with food in a way that doesn't cause me to deprive myself and/or binge and/or purge
List at least three things that makes YOU amazing: I have a funky-as-hell set of socks, I believe a little humour or positivity can go a long way in a difficult situation, and *thinks* I have a pretty rainbow-coloured creative streak :)
Anything else? I'm doing an internship with the Eating Disorders Foundation of NSW (www.edf.org.au)

Loz [userpic]
by Loz (charlichic)
at September 9th, 2007 (09:14 am)

Hey guys,
I have a question, but Im not sure if its considered triggereing or not (I cant really see how it would be), so I'll put it under a cut just to be safe, its possibly TMI anyway.

Have a beautiful day :D


Loz [userpic]
New Member :)
by Loz (charlichic)
at August 25th, 2007 (03:53 pm)

Hi all! Im new here! *waves*

Name: Laura
Age: 16
Location: Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Eating Disorder: Anorexia
A little history on your ED: Ive always had a problem with myself, but after I started ballet last year, I started really wanting to loose weight to look like all the others. I lost a lot of weight, very quickly. Its starting to really kill me though, Im always sick and tired, and I cant make it through a dance lesson with out getting way too tired and hurting myself.
Why is recovery important to you? Its important to me because I want to be able to dance to the best of my ability, and I cant do that while slowly killing myself.
What are your health goals for the future? To maintain this weight, but learn that eating a little more of the right foods wont make me obease.
List at least three things that makes YOU amazing: Um, well I dont know really lol, uhh ... Im a good writer (its my chosen career path), Im a hard worker and Im a great listener.
Anything else? I have a question, if thats ok. I have a dance estidford tomorrow, and I was wondering what I should eat to get the optium amount of energy for my preformance. Same thing applies to my tuesday ballet class, where I have 3 hours of dancing. I try to eat more on that day, but it only makes me feel sick and bloated. So, in short, what are some really healthy ways to get good energy? 

Im really happy Ive found this community, and I hope to get to know you all really well :)

Luv Loz xoxo 

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